HydroEdge Solutions: Who We Are and What We Do

We’re a locally owned and operated turn-key water transfer and fluid management company with sites in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.
Since we got our start in 2013, we’ve grown year-after-year to keep up with the growing energy industry.

Not even the boom-and-bust-cycle of the natural gas industry in 2015 could slow us down. From that rough patch, we were able to find ways to become more efficient so that we could not only better our systems but better our service for our customers, too.

Currently, we have a hard-working team of over 150 employees at our headquarters in McMurray, PA and our XYZ sites.

Our employees are the backbone of our operations and because we’re not a publicly traded company, we’ve been able to lean on our we work where you livementality that has enabled us to become a homegrown water transfer company in the Northeast region.

In fact, nearly 100 percent of our workforce is made up of Northeast natives. Our goal is to offer opportunities [link to application page] to hard-working, motivated individuals who are ready to kick-start or continue their career in the oil and gas industry.

Now that we’ve covered a brief company overview, let’s take a look at the services we offer to our customers:

Waste Water Transfer:
Our fleet of transportation vehicles safely and responsibly transports wastewater from our sites to treatment facilities without leaks, incidents, or failure. Our goal is to protect our local and natural resources like lakes and rivers by keeping our water transfer equipment well maintained so that we can continually achieve our goal of ZERO LEAKS on the job.

There’s no denying that disturbances in municipal water cause headaches not only for the municipality, but more importantly, for the customers as well. To avoid or efficiently manage any issues, a water transfer company is necessary. That’s where we come in. We’re the company to call if wastewater needs removed from homes or businesses. We provide bypass pumping systems and our team of experts work closely with all necessary parties to make sure that water-related issues are handled properly and proficiently.

Plain and simple, water is a necessary component to the overall mining process. When a company has mining or quarrying water needs, that’s where we can help. Not only do we offer a fleet of equipment that aids in the mining water transfer and removal process, but we also work alongside the client to develop and execute an efficient dewatering or site drainage system.

Oil & Gas:
When it comes to the oil and gas industry, we offer a variety of services to help our customers. First and foremost, we offer water transfer services that range from high-volume, multi-stage fracs to impoundment and tank fills to water withdrawals from freshwater sources like streams, or rivers. Whatever the job, our overall goal is to safely and efficiently deliver fluids to and from drilling sites.

We wouldn’t be able to carry out these services if it weren’t for our team of engineers and field technicians who work together in order to design and execute the most efficient fluid management program for each project.

When we map out a management plan, we take into consideration the makeup of the surrounding area to understand the best route that we can take that not only respects the environment, but also provides our customers with the most efficient strategy to tackle their fluid management needs.

 Our business, like the industry, continues to grow and as the leader in water transfer and fluid management, we’re constantly working to improve, build a strong team, and stay ahead of the competition.


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